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This horse was born with what looked like a white round braided rug on his face and right there on the side was a brown bug…consequently “Bug in A Rug”.  It was such a cute name for a foal, but not so much for a stallion.  For years his barn name was “Bugs”.  As he grew up, the Olczaks decided that they needed a second breeding stallion.  Bill fell in love with this guy, and so he was kept.  As a three year old he was sent out to be professionally trained and came home a horse that neither Bill nor Denise felt safe to ride.  Consequently for years, nobody did much of anything with him.


God sent a new friend in his life and she saw something special in him.  She offered to pay for his training “if” he were hauled to her trainer in New York State and if he was gelded.  So in the summer of 2010, Bugs began on his new career path as a trail riding horse.  What a blessing his new friend was because he potential was discovered and cultivated.


Denise believes that the name of a horse in some ways prophecies as to their behavior.  Bugs was no longer an appropriate name for a horse that was beginning to prove that he could be an incredible trail horse and become part of the coveted “camp horse team”.  With his newly found personality and skills, this horse was “born again”! So a strong western name, for an American western breed was found…..Cody.  If you have ever been to Cody, Wyoming, you will appreciate the significance!

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