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Cooper was born a “wild horse” running free with the Mustangs on the open plains.  He was rounded up as a two year old by the Bureau of Land Management and offered for sale.  A couple from the mid-west purchased him and began his training as a trail horse.  His big career opportunity was showing at the Kentucky Horse Park in a special program featuring American Bashkir Curly horses. 


Denise’s friend, Selinda, purchased Cooper in 2008.  She began his training in the disciplines of dressage, English and Western riding, along with pulling a cart.  In 2010 her husband was job transferred to Mexico City.  Horse meat is consumed in Mexico and Selinda did not want to any chances with her horse, so she gave Cooper to Mystic Mountain so that he might have a forever safe home.


So began Cooper’s new career as he joined the camp horse team. He quickly became a favorite mount for many of the camp riding students.   He also pulls a cart and gives many rides for the campers. We laugh and say he has three speeds, slow, slower, and stop.  But the truth is, he has the best trot of any of the Mystic Mountain horse team!

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