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As the big diesel truck and horse trailer traveled down the road, all three horses came running to the gate.  They had never seen this rig before, how did they know it was us?  We jumped out of the truck and quickly had halters and lead ropes on the horses and safely tied them to the fence.  Bill swung the big rig wide and skillfully navigated the narrow gate into the pasture.  Denise pulled out a peppermint treat and offered it to the big black gelding.  He chewed it up and eagerly searched for more.  Just like a puppy dog, the big horse followed Denise to the opened trailer and nearly lept on top of her as he entered.  Once inside and happily chewing on his peppermint candy, the exit door was closed.  It was then that he realized that he was inside and his herd mates were not.  He went ballistic, rearing and stomping inside the big metal box.  Doors and windows banged and the trailer violently lurched from side to side. 

Denise grabbed the black and white mare offering her a peppermint treat.  She happily chewed it and followed her to the banking and rocking horse trailer.  In total disbelief, we watched as she, too, nearly leapt on top of Denise in her exuberance to get inside.  Once Shadow saw his friend also inside standing calmly beside him, he, too, became calm.

Now it was time for the Icelandic pony.  He literally nearly drug Denise to the trailer and with all of his might made a major leap up and was in.  And with that, he was awarded his peppermint treat! 

In less than five minutes, all three horses were safely loaded and we were headed for their new home on Mystic Mountain.  What a miracle it was to have all three of these horses load into the trailer so quickly!  Yes, we do serve a God of miracles who cares for man and animals.   Many adults and teens were waiting for our arrival back at Mystic Mountain.  Loud cheering broke out as we pulled to a stop in front of the run in shed and arena.  The horses new adventure was just beginning! 

The black and white Paint colored horse was renamed Ebony.  Her gentle eyes and sweet spirit has made her a camper favorite. 

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