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Mystic's Majestic Morning (Emmy)

“Do you think the foal will be born tonight? “, asked Erin and Amber, two horse crazy teens who were part of the teen leadership volunteer staff program.


“Yes I do. Flica is showing all of the signs that the foal should be born within the next 12 hours.” I responded.


“Please, please, please, can we spend the night? Can we please be here when she delivers the new foal?” they begged.


For those of you that don’t know, horses really don’t like an audience when they are giving birth and will do everything they can to delay things until you have to leave for some reason, like get some food or go to the bathroom. You will have waited for hours, be gone mere minutes, and return only to discover that you missed it. Bill and I decided that we had to be smarter than a horse. So we hooked up our video camera in the stall and ran a cord to our TV in the house. We could watch the mare and she would never know. At the appropriate time, we would just appear and there would be no stopping the process. It worked really slick!


And so the long night of TV viewing of watching a horse pacing in her stall, laying down, getting up, eating hay, drinking water, and on and on and on for hours. The girls were determined to stick it out all night if they had to. For Bill and I that was great because we could go to bed, go to sleep and know that they would definitely wake us up. In the wee hours of the morning, just as light began to dance on the horizon, a loud squeal came from the girls. “We think its coming. She is lying down and grunting and pushing!!!” All four of us ran to the barn. We arrived just in time to see the head, front feet, and shoulders push through the pelvic wall and out plopped a curly coated copper colored little filly (a girl). Mystic’s Majestic Morning had finally arrived.


In 2012 she was sent to a trainer in New York and came back a frightened mess ready to explode at any moment. In 2013, God brought a wonderful Christian horse trainer into our lives that was able to work through Emmy’s problems. There are still some training issues, but Denise is riding her now and we are hopeful that she will soon be part of the horse riding team.

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