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What a beautiful oops! Did you ever notice that sometimes the things we don’t plan turn out better than the ones we do? That is the way it is in this story. Several years ago the Olczak’s were Pennsylvania’s largest breeders of American Bashkir Curly horses. We had a matched pair of yearling bay colts that had been purchased by an Arizona couple on the condition that they were gelded before shipping. It was Tuesday and the vet was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. The stud colts were separated from the mares by two fences that were both electric. I arrived at the barn for chores just in time to witness Mystic’s Evening Star breed our palomino mare, Flica. What are the chances that a yearling stud colt would burst through two electric fences and in one breeding would actually impregnate a mare in season that would produce a foal? In this case 100%!


It may have not been planned, but Fancy has turned out to be such a blessing. She was born gorgeous and every year comes more into her name. Fancy’s color is the most unique on the farm. She has a golden coat accented by a black ear, muzzle and leg points, and a black and golden mixed mane and tail. But it is her personality that steals everyone’s heart. She desperately wants to please you. Although she has a straight hair coat and does not look like a Curly, she is hypoallergenic to many people who are allergic to horses. Now get ready for this, that makes her a “straight Curly”!


After just 4 months of training in 2013, Fancy became my “trail boss” horse. She may have never crossed creeks before, but she was willing to experience the adventure with only limited apprehension. Golden rod nearly over her head was just plowed through. In 2014 she will be part of the Mystic’s Rider’s team, the only “green” horse there. (Green is a term referring to be young with very little training). I think she will do just fine!

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