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Mystic’s Marble Delight was born with a black mane and tail and her body coat was tan with splashes of black marbling in it.  Wow!  How she has changed color!  However she still grows her gorgeous curly coat ever winter!


Mystic’s Mariah was bred to a gorgeous grey stallion in Kentucky.  The result was Mystic’s Marble Delight.  This was in the early years of the Olczak American Bashkir Curly horse breeding program.  Marble was almost sold to a family in Sweden, but fortunately that deal didn’t work out!  Over the years Marble has become one of the training center’s favorite horses.  Many children and adults have learned how to ride, compliments of Marble.


In the fall and spring many children visit Mystic Mountain for a special field trip called “Day at a Horse Farm”.  After meeting all of the horses, the children choose which horse they want to learn how to approach and groom.  It doesn’t matter if they are urban or rural; the choice is always “Marble”.  She stands and lets little hands pet and groom her, patiently waiting for the treats that are sure to follow!

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