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Mystic’s Miracle

Mystic’s Miracle was the first American Bashkir Curly foal to be born at Mystic Mountain in 1996. As a weanling he was the first American Bashkir Curly to be shown at the Pennsylvania   4-H State Horse Show. 


Miracle sired nearly 20 foals, from all different breeds of horses, and all of them were born “curly”.  In the Curly horse world there are very few stallions that hold that record.  His off spring are in Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, and Kansas along with several of the Western states.  Here at Mystic Mountain he is the sire of Thunder and Lightning, Spirit and Emmy.

Miracle was quite the clown.  He could open a regular stall door latch in less than 30 seconds.  When this was covered with a flap of leather, it took just 45 seconds!  Finally Bill put a padlock on his latch.  The key was hung on a chain right beside his door.  We couldn’t believe it the day we came in and the key was lying beside the padlock.  He might not have been able to get it in, but he knew where it was suppose to go!  His other favorite trick was to steal anyone’s hat that he could reach.  If a horse could smile, Miracle was laughing!


The cold winter night Denise found him with a broken leg was one of her worst ever.  The couple knew that when the vet arrived in the morning there would only be one answer.  Unfortunately a broken leg on a horse is not like what a person experiences.  Miracle was buried next to his mother, Mariah, out under his favorite pasture tree.


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