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Miss Nibbs

Trivia Question:  Which Mystic Mountain horse has the most love letters written to her by her admiring fans?  Miss Nibbs!   This wonderful horse came to us as a yearling in need of a temporary home.  She never left!  Miss Nibbs was the beautiful black horse with a white blaze that Denise dreamed of owning when she was a horse crazy little girl.  And then one day that dream came true!

Miss Nibbs.  What a crazy name for a horse!  Are you wondering where that came from?  When she was just a yearling, Miss Nibbs followed Denise around like a puppy dog and stuck her nose into everything.  “You nibb nose” became a daily comment and the name stuck…Miss Nibbs.


Her right eye began to grow bumps that eventually encircled her entire eye and ended up all of the way down to her muzzle.  One growth on the top of her eye lid hung down nearly an inch.  We tried everything to make them go away, but nothing worked.  A biopsy revealed that she had a sarcoid which cannot be cut off without it multiplying like crazy and looking like a cauliflower when it grows back.  She was rapidly losing the ability to close her eye lid which meant that she would go blind in that eye.  The only solution our vet could offer was to send her to Ohio State for laser surgery and she would still go blind. 

Why do we always wait until the crisis is out of control before we cry out to the Lord?  Denise wrapped her arms around her favorite horse and pleaded with God to heal her.  That very day in the mail was a catalog from an herb company for horses with a center fold article about sarcoids on the eyes of horses. Denise called the company and had the herbs immediately shipped.  Although Nibbs wasn’t crazy about the new goodies in her feed, within six months she was completely healed!!!!!   Using marigold, burdock, and other common “flowers and weeds”, her immune system fought off this cancer and healed itself.  What an amazing God we serve! 


For reasons known only to God, we were not able to fight off the next diease that attacked her.  Cushings is a tumor on the thyroid that causes all kinds of crazy bad things to happen to horses.  She fought the good fight right up to the end.  Even on her last day on this earth, two children groomed her and told her that she was special.  She, too, is buried with her herd mates under their favorite pasture tree.                                                                        


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