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The registered name of this horse is really “Buck Mountain Rose”.  She was purchased at the first ever in the world auction of American Bashkir Curly horses that was held in Alberta, Canada.  Rose was born on a Canadian ranch known as Buck Mountain and that is why her name is not Mystic Mountain.  Rose’s sire (father) was a registered Belgium and her dam (mother) a full American Bashkir Curly.  Rose acquired the best qualities of both of these breeds.  She is big boned like her Belgium sire and stands 15.3 hands.  At 1500 lbs her shoe size is just one shy of draft horse.  Yet the American Bashkir Curly gene gives her all of the sweet characteristics of this breed, including the curly mane, tail, and body coat.


Rose came to the Olczaks as a very skinny two year in the spring of 1997.  Soon she came down with Strangles (a horse disease) and at one point we thought she might die.  By mid- summer she was healthy again and Zac, the oldest son of the Olczaks, decided to attempt to ride her.  He climbed onto her back with no saddle or bridle and she promptly walked off as if she had been doing it all of her life.  That autumn she became the second American Bashkir Curly to ever be shown at the Pennsylvania 4-H State Horse Show.  Everyone wanted to touch her super Curly coat!


Rose is trained in western riding and she also pulls a cart and sleigh. She has been our gentle giant of the Great Adventure Day Camp program providing many children with the opportunity to experience one “big horse adventure”.

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