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Smudge and Fudge

Sometime after we lost our two yellow cats, Whiskers and Jellybean, the mouse population in the barn had grown to such an extent that the mice started getting names. At this point one of our teen staff suggested that Denise needed to get barn cats. Denise said that it was a great idea, there were just a few specifications: the cats must come as kittens old enough to live in the barn but young enough to adjust to life with people, they must be males, and they must have been around horses so they knew not to get stepped on. With that information the teen set out to find some kittens. Three days before the first week of camp the teen returned with two black and white male kittens and a list of suggested names, Smudge and Fudge among them.


Now Smudge and Fudge are loved by all who enter the barn and plea for your attention every morning when you arrive to do barn chores. They enjoy spending their days lounged in the chair on the front porch, patrolling the barn and pasture, and running up and down the driveway.

"Life as a barn cat, what could be better?"

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