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Mystic Gentle Spirit is a true gift from God.  Her mother and her father were full sized horses.  Foals born at Mystic Mountain weighed between 90 and 100 lbs.  What a surprise Denise had one morning to find a newly arrived, perfectly formed tiny little black foal weighing less than 50 pounds!  She picked her up in her arms and carefully carried the newborn into the barn with Nibbs closely following behind. Praise God that both momma and foal were fine!


She was such a sweet little thing, that her name became Mystic’s Gentle Spirit.  Now, fully grown, she is a perfectly proportion small horse, not a pony, (ponies tend to have short legs and round bodies causing them to have a bouncy trot) at just 11 hands tall. 


She has lived up to her name of Gentle Spirit.  Within just one summer of training, Spirit became a member of our exclusive camp horse club.  God knew that we needed a small horse for the many small children who visit Mystic Mountain.  

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