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Bill and Denise’s first dog was a black lab and over the past 40 years God has blessed them with many dogs of this breed.  Each held a special place in their hearts.  A relationship with a good dog is about as close to God’s unconditional love as to be found on this earth.

Raz, the Olczak’s six year old black lab loved everyone, but Denise was his personal favorite.  He guarded her at the barn, went on trail rides and once tried to rescue her from an ocean wave.  There was no reason for Raz to be sick, but he was.  Four different vets and the emergency vet clinic could not fix a diseased internal organ.  Saying goodbye left a huge hole in our hearts.  But even in sadness, God was there.  Almost immediately another black lab puppy, desperately needing a new home, arrived to fill the empty, sad place with joy and love.  Her name was Zena.


Zena, the warrior princess, was just as sweet and gentle as all of the other labs.  Her goal in life was to please her people.  She guarded them at night sleeping in her bed that was located beside their bed.  She even tried to guard their bed when they weren’t home! 

During summer camp her job was to be life guard and watch over her teen staff and campers.  She swam round and round the canoes and kayaks all morning.  She loved the campers, especially at lunch time.  We had to watch as her begging sometimes got a bit carried away and wandered into the realm of stealing!  Waving a sandwich around as you talk just seemed to be a fair offer of food!


If anyone needed a little bit of extra love, Zena was always available and willing with total abandonment and unconditional love.


In the beginning of 2015 Zena developed some odd issues with her eyes and in the end passed away from what we believe was lung and brain cancer. We are heartbroken to see her gone but glad that she is no longer in pain. She was a blessing to every person who came into this home and is dearly missed. She truly embodied her life as the camp dog and proctector of our family (and every person who entered the household)!

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