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Great Adventure Day Camp

Ages 8-13

What is the Great Adventure Day Camp? It is outdoor education, leadership training, friendship making, and all mixed with good old fashioned fun! It is more than just a day camp. It is skills and memories that will last a lifetime. Each camper gets to choose which activities they would like to do for the week. When registering, you'll have the opportunity to chose two morning activities, and one afternoon activity!

Morning Activities


All levels of equestrians are welcome, from campers who have never been on a horse to those that have been riding their entire lives. We believe that when developing this skill, safe horsemanship and care of the animal are just as important to teach as mounted skills. We provide a fun, safe and well-rounded horse camp experience where campers can immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy themselves in a non-competitive environment. 


The majority of the horses at Mystic Mountain are a special breed called American Bashkir Curly Horses.  They are naturally hypoallergenic, and the Curly’s gentle and friendly spirit make them the perfect horse for anyone who might be intimidated by such large creatures.


Challenge Course

Campers will be exploring working as a team through brain teasers, group games, and maybe even a scavenger hunt! We even have a low ropes challenge course initiative where this activity gets its name from!


Archery is a popular traditional and time-tested camp activity. Campers of all abilities will learn, develop and perfect their archery skills as they shoot high quality compound bows with target-tipped arrows at a variety of fun targets on our range. As safety is our number one priority, campers will follow an established set of range commands and safety procedures as they practice to become qualified archers. 


Art class is designed to heighten the imaginations of our campers through creative and technical exploration, incorporating techniques learned through both individual and collaborative works. Campers will create projects that are unique to this year's theme!

Afternoon Activities



Campers who participate in riflery will learn how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain a .22 rifle. They will be taught basic safety principles of handling firearms have time to perfect their marksmanship, and shoot at a variety of fun targets in the process.

Hands On Horses

The hands on horses class focuses on the behind the scenes experience of learning all about God's special four legged creature and what it takes to care for them. This is not primarily a riding class, but an opportunity to interact and learn valuable insights about horses.

Painting Workshop

If you like to splash paint, or get a little messy, you will love this class.  Absolutely no art skills required!  Our Painting Workshop involves learning to listen to God and then allowing Him to direct your work.  We will begin the week with some basic painting tips and tricks, but after that, it will be a wild adventure into places you may have never traveled before!


This year we are bringing back a camper favorite! Learn the different paddle strokes to guide your canoe smoothly across the pond! Campers will enjoy group games after learning some of the basic canoeing skills.

Disc Golf

Join us on our newly installed Disc Golf course! You'll get to travel all over the property, while playing frisbee golf, learning techniques, playing brand new games, and exploring the Creation around you!

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