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Mystic Mountain's Teen Leadership Program originated in 2001 with a group of six teen volunteers and today has had dozens of teen volunteers go through the program.  Our biggest vision involves empowering youth to make wise and healthy choices and to, thereby, build leaders for today and tomorrow.  We believe that, given the right tools, teens will rise to the occasion.  It is our goal to truly make an impact in the next generation through our training. 

Teens complete a faith-based training course, which begins the process of equipping them with leadership skills.  After successful completion, the teens are responsible for the creation and implementation of the entire summer day camp program.  It is the responsibility of the adult volunteers to keep things on track and safe. Under teen leadership, The Great Adventure Day Camp has blossomed into three different age group camps, including high adventure opportunities and fine art activities.

If you are ages 14-18 and interested in becoming part of our Teen Leadership Team, please contact our business office, 814-796-2203 or, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


You will be truly blessed by your time and commitment to this program!


Teen Leadership Development Program

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