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Volunteer Groups:

As Mystic Mountain grows, so does our list of chores! We often have groups inquire about volunteering here.  

If your group is interested in volunteering at Mystic Mountain, apply by filling out a Group Volunteer Application. Be sure to include group dynamics (number of people, approximate age group, leader-to-kid ratio if it is youth, etc.) and any specific skills or talents your group wishes to utilize or share. Those skills can range from basic ranch chores to scooping manure. Whatever the nature of your group, we hope to find a good fit for you that will also meet a need at the Center!

Interview Process for Group Volunteers:

  • Each participant must complete a current release form.

  • We do not require each adult volunteer in the group to complete a background check, however, there is a liability form that the group leader must complete.

  • Local Groups do have the option of being "On Call," and we will contact you when we have big jobs arise that will require many hands or specific skills.

  • We welcome groups of kids and teens as well! However, we do require a ratio of 1 of your own leaders to every 5 kids/teens that you bring.

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