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Our Camp Staff:

Teens, ages 14 to 18, are involved in a year round leadership training program at Mystic Mountain Training Center that culminates with the development and instruction of the Great Adventure Day Camp. Instead of "being campers" these teen are the instructors and mentors of the summer camp program that is available to children ages 5 to 13. Overseeing this team of teen volunteers are qualified, responsible adults, who are present in every discipline.


We are a camp like no other in Pennsylvania! We believe that by raising the bar and expecting high quality performance from our volunteer team of teens and adults, you will get the very best programming for your children as campers. And you do! Many of our teens were once campers themselves, who looked up to their instructors and wanted "to be just like them."

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Adult Staff


Denise Olczak

Camp Director

Bill Olczak

Operations Director

Terry Sadler
Shooting Sports Director

Bev Sadler
Art Co-Director

Jane Lenhart
Art Co-Director

Jess Maynard

Young Explorers & BTB

Matt Maynard
Sound Technician

Christine Maynard

Art Assistant

Scott Lux

Support Staff

Katie Lux

Support Staff

Kit Torrelli

Shooting Sports

Jennifer Chamberlain

Food Director

Kim Kloecker

Prophetic Art

Jeremy Kloecker

Safari Adventures

Ava Lenhart



Marie Olczak

Assistant Director & Horsemanship Director

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