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Part-Time Volunteer Opportunities:


The following is a list of various opportunities for our Part Time Volunteers at Mystic Mountain.  If you feel drawn to any of these specific positions, please mark those on your volunteer application. Although there are many chores that need to be accomplished each day, whenever possible we try to place individuals in areas where they are best suited.


Power House

For those who like to get out and get moving, Mystic Mountain is always full of physically demanding jobs. Work may include helping to stack hay, building/fixing fences, building and repairing buildings, spreading sawdust, cleaning paddocks, etc.


Ministry at Mystic Mountain is broad based in its scope. Many come with artistic abilities that lend themselves well to children.  Approved ideas, such as painting, jewelry making and tie-dying, can be constructed into classes with an application toward personal growth.

Prayer Team

Prayer is powerful. It is essential to everything that happens at Mystic Mountain. If you would like to be available to pray with or for others while you are volunteering here, please include that interest on your application.

Green Thumb

Over the years, volunteers have worked very hard to transform the old ski slope into something beautiful and productive. We have many flowerbeds. We are also actively engaged in growing fruits and vegetables for our staff and visitors. The Green Thumb volunteer will use his or her skills to help maintain plants by keeping them trimmed, watered and weeded. This job could include weed-whacking, mowing lawns, planting flowers, watering designated areas, deadheading, bug control and fruit & vegetable harvesting.

Memory Maker

Memories are made at Mystic Mountain. For those who have an eye for photography, we encourage you to help us capture still pictures for potential use in our publications or to simply give to a child as a gift. If you enjoy photography and/or scrapbooking, but have run out of subjects, Mystic Mountain may be a good place for some fresh inspiration. If video is your thing, we definitely need to talk!

Hay Team

Hay team volunteers help us move hay off the farmer’s wagons and into our barn. Often the calls to move hay come on short notice. Our hay team is a vital link in the chain that supplies horses with food year round as we have an extremely limited amount of pasture for the number of horses here.


Mystic Mountain is a busy place, serving hundreds of visitors each year. The sheer volume of humanity and horses that trod this place creates a need for constant maintenance and cleaning. The Housekeeping volunteer helps to keep our buildings clean and organized at all times.


A Musician volunteer might use their individual gifting with music to inspire and encourage those who frequent the Center. If approved, a musician’s talent, gifting and instrument would be welcome.


Internship-type experiences may be available through Mystic Mountain Training Center. Contact your junior college, university or high school guidance counselor for further information.

Professional Assistance

Gifts come in a variety of different forms. Over the years we have been humbled by many who have generously given out of their unique skill set. At times the valued skills of a lawyer, accountant, electrician, carpenter and painter have greatly benefited Mystic Mountain.  If you desire to offer your skills, we will keep your information on file and call you when the ministry needs coincide with your special talents.

Your ideas

If you are blessed with unique ministry ideas, we would be interested in hearing from you. It’s possible that a new avenue of service could be fostered by combining fresh ideas and current Mystic Mountain ministry programming.

Adults and Families

If you live in the area and are interested in giving your time at Mystic Mountain, we invite you to complete and return our  Volunteer application.

Our Part Time Volunteers must be age 18 or older. If a youth age 17 or under is interested in volunteering, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or approved as a Youth Volunteer. We love having families volunteer together, and much of our daily chore list is completed by groups of individual adults, parents and kids working side by side. Please keep in mind that we do not offer childcare for volunteers. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to watch his or her children at all times while at Mystic Mountain.


We rely on this team of volunteers to help our staff with the daily task list, as well as miscellaneous jobs that arise. 

Interview Process for Adults (ages 18+) and Families:

  • Pass the background check (no cost to you).

  • Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for an informal interview and to coordinate our schedules.

Other Information:

  • We recommend you sign up for a tour if you are unfamiliar with the program before you begin to volunteer.

  • Families, please be prepared to come together and work together while you are here.


Youth Volunteers…

If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 you can join our teen leadership development program!

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