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"Twenty years ago, I was a part of the original team that started Mystic Mountain Training Center's Great Adventure Day Camp. I was 12 years old and absolutely loved the opportunity to learn leadership skills, how to connect with kids, and grow as a young individual. It was through my experience instructing and serving at MMTC that I discovered my passion for camp ministry, that God had placed a calling on my life to be a spiritual leader, and that I had valuable skills to offer. As an adult, I now have a career in camp ministry and I know first hand the positive impact that camp has on individuals." - Amber Shearer
"Dear Denise, Bill, and Staff,
Thank you so much for letting us come to Mystic Mountain earlier in April for a service project grooming the horses. We had such a great time! Melissa and Josh were fantastic leaders. Some of the students had never had such close contact with horses, so they really appreciated the opportunity to bond with these beautiful stories and backgrounds of your horses and participating in the group story-telling activity. We had an amazing time and hopefully we can volunteer for you again! Thanks!”

Meadville Area Middle School


"Dear Bill and Denise,

Thank you so much for all the time, love, and energy you all invested in Quynn and Judah. They loved every minute of camp so much. I feel like your staff have really helped open Quynn up and have given her more confidence in her abilities and who she is in Christ. For her to say her favorite part of camp was hoses, crafts, and pretty much everything is really an amazing thing. Also, please share with your staff that just yesterday she told me out of the blue that she wished camp was 3 weeks long and that she would never get tired of camp. She also still loves and asks to listen to the two camp songs, Me without You and Jesus is my Superhero. She still dances at home alone, she knows the moves and loves them. Quynn's cousin was scared of ghosts at a sleepover so she played the songs for to make her not be scared. Your camp is doing great things!"

The Nosek's 



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