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Flica of Mystic Mountain

At age 8 the Olczak’s oldest son, Zac, joined a local 4-H program for horses.  It wasn’t long before he decided that he wanted to do the “fast” games and that his mother’s horse was too slow.  The family went to a horse auction with a very limited amount of money hoping to find a horse that would be right for him.  Once there Zac found a cute little palomino mare that he liked and was able to ride her outside in the parking lot before the bidding began.  Zac had his heart set on bringing this horse home!  The bidding began and it quickly went up to the amount they had with them.  Everyone around them seemed to suddenly realize how much this young child wanted “this” horse and then they heard SOLD Zac!!! 


Flica was raised on the Western plains.  What they know of her ancestry was through observation.  She had Quarter Horse muscles running down her back legs.  The tuck of her head suggested Morgan blood.  If you carefully looked at her legs, you would have seen zebra stripping suggesting the wild Mustang breed. What they knew for sure was that she was one amazing horse that was just right for the young boy that loved her.


After just two years, Zac was always in the ribbons in pole bending, barrel racing, and keyhole at all of the area horse shows.  One year he qualified for 4-H District competition in six different events and also went to the 4-H State Horse Show where he was in the top ten out of 40 of the best in the state. Flica had been in retirement from showing for many years when they clocked her at 45 mph.  That was one fast ride!


Flica was bred to Miracle twice producing Lightning and Emmy.  She had an “oops breeding” to a stallion named, Star, and we kept Fancy also.


As a camp horse, Flica gave bareback rides to all of the campers.  Her favorites though seemed to be the Young Explorers.  She carefully carried her precious cargo around the arena.  For the teen staff, she was the horse that if you could ride her, you had made it to the very top of the best of the best.  She pranced and she danced and she was at her very best showing off in the arena.  On more than one Friday night program she carried the American flag and jumped over poles and performed tight spins.


In the fall of 2013 Flica came in limping.  X-rays showed that one of the seven bones in her ankle was crushed.  The vet gave her a 2% chance of recovery.  We tried so hard with her, but it wasn’t long before her other front leg gave out also.  Flica is sadly missed by all who knew and loved her.

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