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 Lightning was born in one of the worst thunder and lightning storms of that summer. For several years we had the three amigos (friends) of Lightning, Thunder, and Cody living together in the run- in shed and arena.  Lightning and Thunder were both geldings while Cody was a stallion.  Cody ruled his little herd and showed his dominance by chewing off the mane of both geldings, or so we thought.  Cody was gelded and all three horses were assimilated into the big herd.  Lightning’s mane grew back in the winter and then in the spring he shed most of it out.  This is one of those funky Curly horse traits that some Curlies have but most Curlies don’t.

We call Lightning… Mr. Mustache Man!  Every fall and winter he grows a mustache and then sheds it out in the summer.   We get a kick out of showing off a horse with a mustache!

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