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Mystic’s Mariah

In 1996 Denise discovered the American Bashkir Curly breed of horse and began to earnestly pray that God would answer the desires of her heart for a mare.  She wanted it to be between 3 and 7 years old, either a pinto or a buck skin in color, 15 hands or taller, that was affordable and in driving distance (most Curly horses are found in the Western states).  Within two weeks the phone range and someone had a 5 year old, 15 hands, buckskin Curly mare for sale in Pennsylvania.  Her name was Mystic’s Mariah.  Obviously the name of the farm is Mystic Mountain and “Mariah” means “God’s Gift” in Hebrew.  Well when God gives you everything you want, including the name, Denise immediately bought her without even seeing a picture!  It was then that she discovered that her owner also had the only black Curly stallion east of the Mississippi River. 


Several weeks later Denise called to inquire about having Mariah bred before transporting her home.  NO!  MARIAH WAS NO LONGER FOR SALE EITHER!   Leslie had brought rescued horses into her barn and now every one of her horses was sick…especially Mariah.  They didn’t know if she was even going to live, let alone be bred.  She had gelded her stallion (he could no longer produce foals), except that on the day he was gelded he had broken through his wooden fence and bred the only mare that was in heat, Mariah.   Denise begged Leslie to do whatever it took to get Mariah healthy and promised her they would wait until she was ready to be moved.  Six months later Mariah came home to Mystic Mountain.  Five months later, Mariah gave birth to a very healthy foal that we named Mystic’s Miracle.


Mariah became everyone’s favorite camp horse. Miracle grew to be the Olczak’s breeding stallion.  Mariah and China, and Miracle are all buried together under their favorite tree in the pasture.


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