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It was a sad month of February in 2015 for the household. Our beloved Zena passed away of cancer. We all knew a new black lab would be needed soon, we were just waiting for the best timing.


Well God’s timing truly is the best! Ranger was to be arriving only a week and a half later (although it felt like an eternity!) Some of our Teen Staff approached Bill and Melissa with the idea to purchase a puppy and surprise Denise with it. So, at the end of the week Ranger was found! Ranger truly was arranged by God as several different opportunities to get a puppy had arisen and then fallen through. The Teen staff all pitched in to purchase Ranger and surprised Denise at a staff gathering. As Denise says, “I’ve only been speechless a couple times, but that was one of them!” The surprise went spectacularly and Denise is ecstatic to have a new little bundle of joy tromping around the house.


At 8 weeks old Ranger joined our family and this little 12 pound puppy has lifted a dark cloud that had settled. He is a mellow little puppy who loves to have attention! Ranger enjoys sleeping, running to the barn, playing with his toys, and getting loved on! We can’t wait to see the joy he brings to others as we have already experienced and are experiencing the joy he has brought to our lives!

"A House is not a Home without a Dog!"

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