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If you love horses, you probably have a favorite coat color that you are drawn to. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted a black horse. And God has blessed me with several. Shadow is one of those horses.


I can honestly tell you that when I went to see him, I had absolutely no intentions of bringing him home. Good grief our barn was already over stuffed with several stalls double booked! However, Shadow would not take NO for an answer. He was terribly under weight and his feet were in the worst condition I had ever seen. He did his best when I tried to ride him although he could barely walk. The owner departed and I was left standing on the outside of the fence resting my face on a fence post. Shadow walked over to me, looked me directly in the eye, and nuzzled my lips! Then he dropped his head, and slowly turned and walked away.


For those of you that don’t know horses, they don’t by nature do any of these things. First they don’t directly make eye contact with people, especially strangers. Second, they don’t kiss, like people do. And third, they don’t rip your heart out by looking so darn dejected!


To make a long story short, Shadow and his other two herd mates came home to Mystic Mountain in the fall of 2012. It has taken over a year of tender loving care to bring this horse to the point where we can begin assimilating him into our riding program. He has come through a dark valley and is now enjoying his mountain top experience.


Shadow is a registered breeding grade Paint (that means no big white splashes of color) horse. He stands 16.2 hands and currently weighs just over 1100 pounds.

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